Noma is a non-contagious bacterial and multifactor disease caused inter alia by the malnutrition and the lack of oral and dental hygiene. If Noma is not detected and treated on time with simple antibiotics, it leads children to death in less than 2 weeks after having consumed their face. In order to eliminate Noma, the evil must be rooted out!

We fight the causes of Noma:



We raise awareness among the population about the importance of a balanced and vitamin-rich diet.

As a second step, the 6-23 months old children could be provided with a preventive care including nutritional supplements, so that malnutrition does not even occur.




In the future, we would like to support poor families with microcredits so that women can develop their own economical activities, whose sustainably generated income allows them to afford a better nutrition and medical care.



Hygiene improvement

Because the disease affects the mouth first and often begins with gingivitis, we set up oral hygiene as well as general hygiene (clean water, avoid contact with animals in the houses) prevention programmes.

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Prävention Hygiene