Each donation counts!

  • With only 10 euros you can cure 3 children at the early stage of Noma with antibiotics!
  • With only 35 euros you can protect 3 families from Noma!
  • With only 65 euros a health officer can be trained to effectively diagnose and treat Noma for a whole village!

Noma disease affects the poorest and above all young children. Without any help the illness leads to a sure death. Noma belongs to the neglected diseases list. Therefore, few means are allocated to the fight of this disease. With prevention the appearance of Noma can be avoided! With a few euros the disease can be cured at an early stage - basic antibiotics are efficient and sufficient.

Why donating is a very good choice.

  • With little money you can reach a lot and avoid children and their families a lot of suffering!
  • You make the difference, because you are involved in something to which very few donators and organisations pay attention to!
  • Because of the official DZI donation seal, you can be sure that our administrative expenses are reasonable and your donation flows therefore directly into the projects!


Donation account

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