We train the medical staff. 

Doctors, nurses and midwives who work in health centers, as well as traditional healers and health officers who live together with the inhabitants of villages should be able to establish an early diagnosis of Noma and to apply the appropriate treatment.

Wir bilden das medizinische Personal aus.


We are explaining to the population what is Noma.

The inhabitants of villages should be able to recognise the first signs of Noma to take their child as fast as possible to a health center. To this end, theater performances, educational talks in health centers and radiocampaigns, inter alia, are implemented.

Wir erklären der Bevölkerung, was Noma ist.


We equip the health centers.

A child can be easly saved from Noma with antibiotics and disinfectants. Therefore, we make sure that all health centers are equipped with the necessary drugs and equipments.

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Die Gesundheitsstationen werden ausgestattet.